Spooky Things

Howdy friends!

I pulled together a collection of my spookiest drawings, photoshoots, and Halloween moments to get into the October-y mood.

And what better time than now to share a few past episodes of something weird (a podcast I co-host, and haven't been doing much with lately 🙃😖) Specifically, episodes of (kind of) scary stories!

Spooky Stories for Halloween 2019

Episode 56: The Amityville Hauntings and The Limping Woman

And to top things off, here's one of my Halloween flash sheets - ready for your skin! You can go ahead and book here 👻

And to wrap things up, here's a list of horror/scary/thriller/creepy/funny(?) movies that I give a thumbs-up for.

Whether they're actually scary - or good - is up to you, but they're the ones that stick with me for one reason or another! Listed in no apparent order 🤓


The Babadook




The Ring

Jennifer's Body

The Fly

Goodnight Mommy

House of 1000 Corpses


Cabin in the Woods

Anti Christ

The Grudge


The Sixth Sense