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Food, glorious food!!

November kickstarts the holiday season - and I know what comes to mind...

Candy canes; turkey; mashed potatoes; latkes; pumpkin pie; egg nog; Glühwein; sugarplums; gravy; challah; champagne; hot apple cider; stuffing and the list goes on. 🍗

Our Christmas dinner used to consist of steak and crab from Pike Place Market until I became deathly allergic to ye olde crab and that was nixed from the menu. I revel in stories of how food brings family together, at any time of the year - and I would love to hear yours. If you have one to share, please send me your story - I'll be drawing one small photo representing that story for one person who shares ❣️

Since food is such a central part of our lives (sincerely grateful for that), and particularly during times of gathering and festivities - I thought I would have this post would feature some food illos from across the past few years. Because the only thing as good as eating excellent food... is drawing it.

Bon appetite!

p.s. here's a song that has generally been playing a loop in my head for over 20 years.

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Angela Fritz
Angela Fritz
17 nov 2021

My family holiday tradition is around a drink! We always have a traditional American thanksgiving meal (blah haha) and Christmas ham (better) but the real treat is our multigenerational homemade Irish whisky recipe! My aunt makes up a large batch, and after dinner the liquid gold is added to a bit of coffee and the entire family (my grandma had 12 kids and they all have kids!) gathers together to sip the tasty, soul-warming goodness and share stories and laughs about years past. This tradition has been especially sweet since the passing of our families matriarch, as we now often use this time to evoke her presence with memories! cheers!

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