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I'm Anna Mischke.

I'm a fellow creature who spends my days as an illustrator, among other things, including but not limited to feeding squirrels, overthinking, inhaling books, eating eggs, squishing my cats, and collecting seashells and mosses.

And while I do love moss (who doesn't enjoy a bit of natural fluff?!), I'm a bit of a rolling stone...having lived in Seattle, New York, Phnom Penh, Melbourne, and Tacoma over the past several years. Now I spend my time between Washington State and St. Louis as an illustrator, designer, and tattoo artist. 

I like to create playful, mischievous, and weirdy things - particularly those relating to flora, fauna, food, and mental health.


Occasionally, I will also co-host a ridiculous paranormal podcast, something weird.

I'm an introvert, but curiosity always wins.

Send me a message if you fancy it!

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